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We are headquartered in Woodbridge VA, but we serve client in Virginia, DC, Maryland and beyond.

Our Packages

Full Service

- We will provide all the supplies and beverageware
- We will prepare, garnish, and display the mocktails
- Unbuzzed Drinks employee will be onsite for the duration of our service
- Set up and cleanup of our service area
- Client will be assessed delivery and service charges

Self Serve

- Unbuzzed Drinks will be delivered in labeled dispensers
- Garnishes can be provided for guests to creatively garnish their drinks
- Client will be responsible for providing beverageware
- No Unbuzzed Drinks employee will be on site during the event
- Client will not be assessed service charges; however, client will be responsible for delivery and dispenser deposits. Free pick up is also available

Our menu

Our menu is not all inclusive. We give you, our clients, the freedom to customize your mocktails based on seasonal fruit changes, cravings, or colors to suit your event theme

  • PEARTINI - Fresh Muddled Pears, Lemons, Simple Syrupo
  • RASPBERRY AND PEACH SHRUB - Fresh Raspberry and Peaches, Raspberry Syrup
  •  KIWI AND LIME SHRUB - Fresh Kiwi, Sugar, Lime Juice, Honey
  • STRAWBERRY BASIL SMASH - Fresh Strawberries, Lemon, Basil, Strawberry Syrup
  • ORANGE MANGO FRESCA - Fresh Orange, Mango, Honey
  • GINGER HONEY ALE - Fresh Ginger, Honey, Lemons
  • GUAVA AND KIWI PUNCH - Fresh Guava, Kiwi, Orange, Simple Syrup
  • SANGRIA - Fresh Fruit Medley (Apples, Plums, Oranges, Lemons, and Limes)
  • BLUEBERRY LEMON DROP - Fresh Blueberries, Lemon, Lavender
  • TROPICAL FIESTA - Fresh Pineapples, Fresh Mango, Lime
  • STRAWBERRY DAQUIRI - Fresh Strawberries, Lime, Rum, Simple Syrup, Ice
  • MOJITO - Fresh Lime, Mint, Sugar Syrup
  • SPECIALTY MOJITO - Your Choice of Muddled Passion fruit, Blueberry, Raspberry, or Strawberry, Lime, Mint, Sugar Syrup
  • MIMOSAS - Orange Juice, Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Brut
  • CHAMPAGNE - Alcohol Free Bubbling Sparkling Brut
  • LEMONADE - Your Choice of Lemon, Lime, Strawberries
  • INFUSED WATER - Spring or Sparkling Water Infused with Your Choice of Raspberries, Strawberries, Cucumber, Orange, Lemon, Lime